Man the semester is flying flying boom boom gone!

It’s already time to wrap up week 3!  But wait it just seemed like Monday morning a few hours ago!

It’s particularly funny because each day seems like so long, until I get to Friday, and then I am like wait, where did the week go?

I suppose this is good though. My schedule is finally solidified enough that I have a good idea of what I will be doing that day, yet flexible enough to allow me to do plenty of fun stuff and relax.

I’m working on my research project in Economics now, investigating the links between loose monetary policy and inflation. Although it is a well researched theory, the situation of todays economy lends itself to some specialized areas that are of particular interest to me.

On the engineering side of things, our very own Dean Yortsos is hosting a colloquium on sustainable development and renewable energy. Our first meeting was just this last Tuesday. I can’t believe it, but the whole two hour session just flew by! I’m just having so much fun this semester!

Family is in town this weekend, and we’re going to celebrate a few birthdays which fall in sequence over a few days range. Looking forward to that.

On ya’lls side, I imagine it’s tough sitting tight waiting for decisions. I know that they’re working hard on getting through them.

As for weather, well it’s not raining this week. Do I need to say more? I think a beach trip is in the making.

Now, since it’s really getting down to decision time over the next few weeks, I want to put an extra chug out for my colleagues and mine webisodes and other tidbits online.  All these links, which can be found on the links page of my blog, really do contain a plethora of information. And, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if we can answer any questions for you!

All the best!

Till next week!