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Just wanted to give a quick update as to how things are going with my Wells Fargo internship!

The short answer: Great!

I have the opportunity to work under the top producing advisor in the entire firm nation wide! This has been a great learning opporunity unrivaled by really any other investing/money managing experience I have ever had!

For those of you who think…well what the heck does investment banking have to do with Aerospace Engineering…well guess what?

My hypothesis of engineering helping me see deeper into the development process of a product, better discern rivals to be feared in the market place (e.g. based on technological product design etc.), and think about long term sustainability of a way of doing things.  It boils down to the insight, critical thinking, and analytical skills that engineering has helped me foster.

In short, I feel I have a significant upper hand on is these regards vis a bis some of my piers. I feel so lucky to have this amazing engineering and economics background!


We’ve had to make a few presentations on certain assets (can’t saw which ones 😉 ) we think would be good for people’s portfolio, and this has involved being face to face with clients, and other people from big banks such as J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs.  It’s been a tremendous opportunity to get to know more people in the industry (call it networking for lack of a more graceful term), develop on my feet thinking skills, and over all exposure to the markets, which as you can imagine, has been a deep interest of mine for quite some time!


I hope that everyone is having a great summer, and for those of you coming in as Freshman this year, hope your orientation went extremely well, and we all look forward to welcoming you as members of the Trojan family this fall!  You know where to find us if  you need any help or have any questions for students:




Have a great week!








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