Well hello from the other side of the pond! I’m now 8 hours ahead of LA time! So finally, I can get up in the afternoon….and still make it in time for my morning classes! Only problem…is that I’m a bit far away: Nice, France.

I am no doubt less busy at the moment than most other people….still on vacation until 4 October. I’m making my way to London though…be there shortly.
I was a bit worried about my time in London since there is a strike going on with the Tube, the so called subway of London. It’s making it a pain to get around London….but at least it’s getting done before I get there…not after!

I’m fixing to order my books for school (taking two management and two economics courses at LSE).

Going out to get some lunch now, and then probably a little beach time…..don’t worry I’ll be working hard soon!

Next week, look for a report from Italy!

All the best–Don’t forget about drop day coming up…last opportunity to drop without a “W”. Sorry…had to put that in!