Man man man! I almost forgot why I came to Socal with all this rain…Na just kidding, but seriously, it was cold, and wet….all week long. I would bike to my first class, be soaking wet, then sit there in lectures for 7 hours straight! Errr I didn’t make my schedule with the rain in mind! At least it is supposed to be cleared up by the weekend! I’m so stoked!

That one day where I open my window, and finally seek the blue sky again along with the sun!

Classes are off to a great start so far, but definitely going to be a lot more work this semester than last semester!

I’m really lucky to get to go on a nuclear sub tomorrow! It’s going to be so legit! I’ll have a full report back in a few days!

I was thinking we would need that sub with all this rain!

As for the next week, I am so stoked to be a part of Dean Yortsos’s seminar on sustainability and environmental issues throughout this semester. ¬†We’ll be discussing current environmental problems, and potential solutions. I know the scope of sustainability is enormous, so I really hope to be able to narrow down my study and focus to a very particular issue/solution pair!

I think I am going to hit up the beach this week to celebrate the return of the sun. Does anyone want to join? It’s only a fifteen minute drive! Cool drinks on me!

Next weeks work is already here, need to get on it.

Keep holding your breaths on the app process, we’ve all been there, you’ll make it through!