Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great great holiday season with lots of rest, family, friends, food, fun, and the likes!


Okay, so where am I now, you ask?

Ever seen this view before:

Photo credit Destination360 Grand Teton National Park
View Photo at: http://www.destination360.com/north-america/us/wyoming/grand-teton-national-park

That’s the view (in the spring time of course…because there is no snow) from the Snake River, overlooking the lower valley of Jackson Hole. In the background, you see the Teton mountain range!

My finals finished up on last Monday. I hung around Los Angeles for a few days, dropped my car off at the shop to get some stuff worked on, and then headed out to Las Vegas on Wednesday with some of my engineering buddies. We stayed at the MGM Grand


Two things to remember when you go to Vegas (well, there are more than that, but this is what I can boil it down to):  Go to eat at Shibuya Japanese restaurant and order some steak and chicken….their terriyaki sauce is among the best in the world.Second, if you have time, go to see Ka, Cirque du Soleil!  While I’m not sure if there is an actual plot, the music, dancing, and lighting of the entire show is just amazing-highly recommended.


From Vegas,  I flew to where I am today: Jackson Hole, WY. It’s really a deeply rooted tradition. I’ve actually spent all the Christmas’s of my life up here in Jackson with family here in our cabin near Teton Village, the main ski resort here in Jackson.


Check out the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort website:  www.jacksonhole.com

Of course, like most any good Jackson Hole resident, I love to ski. One of the resort’s claim to fame here is that we have the “steepest continuous vertical rise in North America.” In simple translation, this means that on average, this is the steepest mountain in North America!  Here’s the trail map for this enormous resort:


Most of my days here, I’ve been skiing on the upper left hand portion of this map where you get spectacular views of not only the Grand Teton National Park, the lower Jackon Valley, but also all the way over in to Idaho….e.g Driggs and Tetonia, and almost all the way to Idaho Falls.











Pretty isn’t it!?



I wear a red jacket with some black trim on it, so I hope you’ll be on the lookout for me on the mountain. I’m going to head off to the slopes now, and will update you about places to eat on the mountain early next week (seems fitting since I seem to always talk about food)!


In the mean time, make sure Santa has your wishlist, and be safe enjoying your winter break.  Happy Holidays to all! 🙂