Hmmmmmm is what we say when we get ready to dig into a good meal, when we are relaxing, or when we are just trying to make it through life.  In some instances, we will use this expression over the course of a very short time.

For me, I used “hmmmmmm” in nearly all three cases today, and in the past week in general.

Considering Case I, I had a great Turkey Meal at the 29th Street Cafe, which is a restaurant just two minutes away from campus  ( maybe three if you are a slow walker). It’s ready in just 10 minutes or so, and it tastes delicious. I hope that my frequent dining there will not drive up the price of turkey for others this holiday season.

Now, just today,  I had the privilege of relaxing (well this is a relative term….I still have plenty of stress that won’t go away till the last final is done and gone with for the semester)  for the first time in about oooo let’s say the whole semester. I sat down and watched TV for a few minutes, read my favorite magazine (Well a tie between Flying magazine and The Economist), and in general free to let my thoughts wander.

In case three, well hmmmmm…. it’s about balancing conserving energy for finals, and giving enough effort now to keep strong in all of your classes….The end of the semester is near. While it’s important to look forward to the holidays, and to use those thoughts to relax a bit, it’s important to not let your vision wander too far down the road, so that you lose perspective of the present, what is at your very feet! I’m sitting here writing this blog, eyeballing my countdown calendar on my desktop…..14 days, 0 hrs, 5 minutes, and 50 seconds left till the end of my last class.

Cautious optimisim? Too looking forward to the end? It’s a personal balance.

So, whenever, and for whatever reason you find yourself saying hmmmmmm just think about why you are saying it. Enjoy this week, and I will see you again on Thanksgiving Day!

Safe travels to all those traveling!