So it is that time of year again to depart from the real, and endulge your imagination by exploring your subconscious! With hard work in school, we owe it to ourselves to take at least one solid weekend off to have a bit of fun and go out and live it up in an out of the ordinary way!

So, I’d like to share a bit of my (very lucky plans for Halloween). I found out a few days ago that my halloween will be spent in Las Vegas with some of my old high school friends and you betcha my family as well! What a great mix!

It has been such a long time since I have been to Las Vegas, …the lights, the food, the excitment, shows, fun, swimming pools, you name it! So, loading up some old friends in such a great show town should be fabulous! I’m really looking forward to it, and hope it will be a good reward for all the hard work I have put in so far this semester on my studies. Remember, it’s all about working hard, and playing hard! It’s about keeping the right balance of producing and sharpening the saw (e.g. taking time to relax).

On top of that, I found out I will be going to see my favorite football team play against my (now) least favorite player in the NFL: Favre, even though he is a great player: The Packers v. The Vikings. What a game this will be! GO PACK!  It’s going to be cold up there in Green Bay, but I am hoping that all the yelling and commotion will keep me warm. I remember the last time I went to a Packers game, which was last season against the Vikings again, there was a guy that was dressed up as a Lobster boat man, you know one of the guys that just wears the water resistant overalls….no shirt….well the catch is that it was 15*F outside!

Ooo the memories. I feel so lucky to have such a jam paked weekend coming up, and can’t wait for it. In the mean time though, a midterm between now and them, then two more on the other side of it. Balance is key! Work hard, play hard!


See you next week! GO PACK!