Welll ladies and gentlemen! We have made it through the first half of the semester! For anyone keeping count, Thursday marks the (chronological) halfway mark of the semester (yes, Thursday because we have two mondays off before this, thus skewing the half way point to a later date than mid week.)

So then, how has it been? It feels like it’s been one heck of a fun and fabulous whirlwind. I can’t believe that it’s already week 8 (soon to be week 9)! Then spring break! Between work (as a pilot), working at Viterbi, and then school work and other extra curriculars, it seems like a never ending day! Somehow the work gets done, and time keeps moving on .

But as  I sit at my computer tonight, I did take a minute to reflect on this point. I really think this is a good sign…how time is flying. First, it’s important to have a fabulous time in college. I am. Definitely. Secondly, and yes as important, is to keep a solid work ethic and be a successful as you can be. While it’s been a more difficult semester this spring than was the fall semester, I feel pumped, and am stoked to keep working hard all the way to the end….

So then, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Who’s got what going on for spring break? I hope not to come across as vain, but this is my blog, so I’ll write a bit of what I am doing for my spring break.

Basically, I’m heading off to Budapest, Hungary with a Corporate Excel program hosted through the Marshall School of Business.  Recently opened up to engineers as well (because we are such a valuable asset to any program 🙂 ) we will be leaving mid week next week to go to study the economic, political and legal frameworks in a different society/culture than ours (e.g. of the Central European type).  Aside from the 11 hr flight, I am very stoked about heading over there.

I’m fixing to pack my bags this weekend because next week is going to be really rough with papers and assignemnts due right before break….well I should say to myself, welcome to the club. I bet all you highschoolers out there are in the same boat!

Perk up! All is well, and many congratulations to those who have been accepted. Keep up the fabulous work, and remember that all m 24 colleagues and I are more than ready to help each and every one of you all with any questions or guidance you may seek.

See you next week…well this time next week I will be over the mid Atlantic…so I’ll either be reporting from LAX before take off or upon arrival in Budapest!

As they would say good bye in one  Hungarian dialect,