Hey Everyone! Hope you are off to a great week! As I mentioned last week, I’m had a great weekend in Vegas this weekend!


But enough about travels, let’s talk about where Freshman (such as me, back when  I was in your shoes) live here at USC!  Honestly, there are lots of places offered. I am sure that you have gotten some information from USC housing in the form of mail….but let me make sure you have the link to USC housing online, where you can find a lot of information, and do some digital shopping.  USC Housing
Back in my freshman year, I lived in Flour Tower. Here’s a picture of it:



  DID YOU KNOW: That Fluor Tower is where the Olympians lived while they competed in the Olympics in 1984, which were held in LA, and USC in

particular for many events?



It’s located on the North West side of campus. The really cool thing is that it is located right next to the Lyon Center (main fitness gym on campus, open 6AM-midnight).  Also, it’s right next to lots of food choices.

Here’s a mini-map to give you a rough idea of its location:





Now, I wish I had some more/better pictures of my room, but what I have on this computer is pics of a totally messy room, so that just won’t do! Sorry!

For now, I’ll leave you with a picture of my freshman roommates. You can see the open common area behind us which included a couch, TV (brought in by a roommate), a skin, stove, microwave and a few drawers to keep organized.





Let me tell you about a few of my roommates:

-They were 8 of us total.

-We were all from separate states.

-Four of us were some type of engineers (a coincidence)

-We all liked to have cook-outs!



What’s really great about sharing your freshman dorm experience with several people, not to mention having some common area space to just chat/spend time is that you really get to know people. I still am still in close contact with several of my roommates, and they really have turned out to be lifelong friends.


Without trying to sell you too hard on any one dorm arrangement (e.g. two beds in a room, and long hall of rooms, or Fluor Tower type living, or anything in between), I want to let you know that  I really enjoyed having common living room area, not that I was a great cook or anything (nor were my roommates, who hopefully aren’t reading my blog), but most importantly to have some folks there with whom you can talk about what’s going on in life, and share similar experiences.   Right now, you are in the comfort of your home, and know what’s up……when you come to college, you got a lot of things to think about, be it about life, professional development, or academic. Wherever your thoughts take you, it’s always nice to have those folks close at hand. For me, I was really fortunate to have great roommates with whom I continue to keep in touch. I hope you have the same great luck, particularly if you are leaning towards the Fluor style of living!


See you all next week! Till then, take care of yourself!