This weekend was fabulous- a  great escape to the stress that invariably comes with preparing for midterms. One of my pilot friends from my  Aerospace classes and I went flying from Santa Monica airport to Long Beach, with over head passes over USC’s campus as well as downtown. What a way to top off the week….flying over the entire city, with its rows of lights from both cars and buildings to seeing the silver crescent reflection of the moon over the Pacific Ocean….flying this weekend had it all.  Our goal was to maintain our currency for night time flying (basically, as pilots we have to have a certain amount of night take offs and landings within a prescribed amount of time).  However, when you’re with a few buddies, it really is clockwork going through all the manuvers required to maintain currency.

To top that off, it was even better going out for a bite to eat at the Spitfire Grill right on the side of the runway, where we could watch the planes take off and land. For us Aerospace Engineers, we just can’t get enough of planes!

Our next flight is going to be to Las Vegas, and we hope that this will happen in the next two weeks. I’m stoked about it! However, now is the time to focus on midterms, and when two weeks from now comes! I’ll be off in the sky!