Thank goodness! First round of miters are over….well that’s better than I can say for last year, when I basically had a marathon of midterms, one each week for like 8 weeks straight. This semester, it looks like it’s two distinct rounds of four midterms.  It’s a bit tougher when mids do come around, but it’s over sooner, which makes it well worth it….your whole life is not revolving around midterms.

This last weekend I was in Phoenix, at the NHRA drag races. Has anyone heard of those? Well, the gist is this: go 1000ft as fast as you can in a straight line. That is done nowadays in about 3.9 seconds…..about 330 mph.

There you go!

Loads of work, but the most fun thing I was the Viterbi ball last Thursday….had a blast with tons of my other engineering friends…you know it’s just that thing that when you’re with others like you you just feel a lot more chill. It was at the Athletic Club of LA, and was an absolute blast!!!

Spring break is coming up! …. Does anyone have any plans? I’m on this USC lead trip hosted by the Marshall School of Business to go to Budapest to study international legal framework, politics, and other social aspects and their implications to firms (especially engineering ones). I’m really stoked about it, and look forward to reporting back on it.

What is everyone else up to? The rain is hit and miss here nowadays, but at least I can turn off my heater…we’re well above 50 on most days.  In a week or two, I think we’ll be back in the 70s for a great majority of the time. Fingers crossed.

Hope everyone is well, and enjoying their semester, and making fabulous plans for spring break as well! See you soon!!!