Well, hello again! As always, I try to bring you what the good news is happening around campus along with some isolated parable concerning my new bulletain.

Well this week is homecoming…which basically means the same thing as in high school but with the added luxury of many opportunities to spend loads of time with friends and even family if they’re nearby.

Along with the football game (well I can not editorialize that much about Stanford on this blog….please check back later for updated remarks 🙂 ), there have been countless activities leading up to homecoming this week that have really made time fly….right on through the week.

From cookouts, to scavenger hunts, to karaoke competitions  the campus has been bustling with school spirit and pride ! It really brings out the best Trojan in all of us.

On that note, the semester is almost winding down….while I am counnting down the days until Thanksgiving, I am mindful that only a few days beyond that are finals….now more so than ever is the time to regather your efforts, no matter how big or small they have been this far, and redouble them so that at the end of the semester, you can say you gave it your best, and say “man it was worth my while!”

That goes for college students and high school students alike! For many who are applying for potential Fall 2010 admission, remember that your fall semester of your senior year grades are the last ones reported before your application is sent off.  While not the whole story, the last chapter in your academic book that is sent off to colleges is particularly important.  So too are the spring ones, but without good fall semester grades, that might not make a difference.

So take time to enjoy the nice times that come your way. Take the time to relax, to enjoy, but also remember how to keep things in perspective…remember the motivation that drives you to perform your best. Always deliver the goods!

Fight on this weekend against Stanford!