Finals finals finals…

What to write about? It’s cold, it’s raining, I am tierd, and I am looking forward to break!

So then, what does the final schedule of a college student here at USC look like?

Well for me, it has been a fairly lucky semester for me with regards to scheduling of my exams…that is, they are fairly well spread out.

Today, I had a Statics final (which has to do with the physics of systems (e.g. bodies) that are standing still.

Tomorrow, I have an economics final. Monday, I have my roughest final, in Math (Calc III), and then I have a final in Physics on Wednesday. Lovely no!?

Well from my perspective, having two on the same day could be a lot worse! The news though is that I am here until the evening of the last day of finals….ooo well.

I hope that all of the finals for prospective students who hope to be at USC next fall is going well. As one of my professor’s told me when I said I feel like I’m dying with work… “Just hang on”!

Do your best now, and remember to observe the deadlines in January!

I hope that the next time I write to you all, I will be bit more chirpy, being done with all my exams.

Till then!