You know… as a freshman is a whole new experience… people…new location…new responsibilities…and not to mention new freedoms! Nobody there to tell you what to do. I’ll save it for another blog to say that this new found freedom for freshmen is a two-sided sword. What I can say though, as a sophomore, is that in the midst enormous amounts of academic work, combined with other extracurricular activities that you might take on, it’s not only important to keep perspective, but also to remember who is behind you all of the time!

I bring this up because this weekend is parent’s weekend here at USC, and I am really looking forward to seeing my folks! It’s great to talk to them on the phone….and I’m always a bit sad to hang up, ┬ábecause no matter whether it’s good news or bad news, or just to check in, it’s great to know that along with my friends, I have a strong family behind me. In both spiritual and emotional terms, they’re the ones that spot you when you are short.

So, I’ve said a bit in my blog….and perhaps seemingly without a well defined point besides my personal views on family. Well, to those reading as incoming freshmen, you will understand, and as for current students, well you understand.

What I want to get across this week is that it’s parent’s weekend, and along with the other great traditions at USC (see earlier blogs) it’s a chance for me to show my parents (both Trojan Alums themselves) how far USC has come, and how we are getting better every day. It’s a day to be a peacock if you will, and show them where you call “home.”

In that respect this weekend is one of the best of the semester, it’s great to see family, and most importantly, it’s great to share with them somewhere so important to me, the place where I call home for the next few years, as well as the people and professors I will call friends for life. What a great combo!