Hey there everyone! Hope you had a great summer, and are pumped for an amazing last year of school!


Let me say, as I am reflecting back on my summer, and the goals I was hoping to achieve, that I really had a great time- not to mention how lucky I am to have been at USC for the last four years to get me ready for it all!

For those of you who don’t know, I worked as an Aerodynamic Performance Engineer up in Everett, WA, just North of Seattle by about 30 miles. I was in a group called Aerodynamic Performance- Sales Support. The long and short of what we did was to present performance data based on aircraft specs/configuration to the sales and marketing personel for use in helping us sell the plane! It was a perfect combo for my Aerospace Engineering and Economics background. For me, it went to show that when you apply yourself + get out there and meet people at the career fairs, the right job really can come along….not to mention that here I am a few days before my senior year starts, all sorted with job offers to come back to a great company! Did I mention that my second level manager was a Trojan (#USC Trojan Alum Network).  It’s all about you here at USC, and what you want to do with your life. Pour your heart in to it, and you’ll achieve here.

All in, while I was up in Everett (above and beyond work), I went mountain climbing, white river rafting, took part in community service, ate some amazing food, took a sunset tour of down town, and of course, flew a ton! Pictures are forth coming at the end! Bottom line is that I finished up my internship at Boeing on 9 August, got in my car to race down to LA, got here in under 36 hrs (driving like madman), and ended up flying myself back up to visit some friends and family later that week.
I-5 is absolutely gorgeous, and I hope that you will be able to check out that awesome drive here in the near future! Some highlights are forthcoming below!


So, in short, I am sooo lucky to be here for another year at USC finishing up my Aerospace Engineering degree- hope to see you on campus! If you are around, feel free to stop by the USC AeroDesign Team Lab, we are in Vivian Hall (VHE).


For sure let any of us VSAs know if you have any questions or if we can help you in anyway! Hope to see you around soon! Now enjoy some pics from the highlights of my summer!



Standing on the dock in Mukilteo, waiting for the ferry to take me to Whidbey Island.







Ohhh yea, I am good…..getting 47 MPG + in my Subaru….well I was coasting for a bit down some mountains…but you get the point! #NerdyEngineer


Beautiful look at Mt. Shasta as I coast down the I-5 @ 48MPG. #EatMyDust

Me at the Weed, CA airport. Weird name for a city…for sure. Any way, there are some decent sized fuel tanks there.
















That’s downtown Seattle at Night from a boat!


Coastal fog off my left wing.

My right wing perspective straddled by Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier

Climbing out of the clouds from Everett….cool contrail leaves a shadow.


Picture of my flight deck on my overnight flight from LA to Seattle. 6.5 hrs all in.

Olympic Mountains off my Wingtip.