Hey everyone!

Hope ya’ll had a great break!
I sure did. Was up in Wyoming/Idaho. Went skiing, flying, and chilled with high school friends. Really great time.

One downside was that whilst I was skiing a tight fallline in the trees, in some sickkkk powder, I hit a tree branch, and damage some tissue muscle near my rib…good news was I didn’t have any fractures or broken ribs.

So, this semester is off to a start….and how… it’s like a marathon….taking five classes, in both aerospace and economics….I just keep the reward at the end in mind.

Family is in town this weekend, so I am stoked to see them in the very near future! You know, the separation anxiety from being away from family….ohhh well.

So, the deadline for most any college apps has come and gone. Aren’t you glad that it’s over? Now, ┬ájust grab a soda, watch some TV, and wait for responses….and well yes, of course keep working hard in high school.

Now, let me pique your interest/attention now, before you get innundated with great news, hearing back positive responses from all your choices to which you applied (I know you all are so so bright that not “having” options will not be an issue- all of us here at USC (especially the VSAs) want to help you make the right choice for you.

Links for the most pertinant info, like the admissions page, and our VSA site, are found under the link section of my blog. We’re here for you (literally 25/7) to help answer your questions. I’m sure that at least one of us is checking our email at any time of the day!

Consider us as a resource in your college decision, as we hope we’ve been through your entire search. Especially at this crunch time, remember we’re here!

Anybody got any plans for this long weekend?

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