What a heck of a last week it has been here in London! Four projects to turn in!

Here’s a gist of them:

1) EC 313- Industrial Organization case management set.

2) MN200- Mock Examination Set

3) MN 201- Labor Economics Case Study

4) LL209- Extended analysis (e.g. 15 pages) of Enterprise Act 2002 and Insolvency Act of 1986 in the context of a fair insolvency law system!  Yikes.

At least I have gotten to know all the nooks and crannies of the library (thank goodness it is open 24 hours!)

Tomorrow morning, I am off to Dubai with the LSE Business society to go on a business trip- how fun!

Some of the companies we are meeting with include:

Ernst and Young

Morgan Stanley

Royal Bank of Scottland (RBS)



… I hope it will be great fun…I”m a bit nervous though since this will be my first time to the Middle East. I’ve talked with some of my friends from the Marshall ExCEL program, which went to Dubai two years ago, and got a bit of the inside scoop.  Any suggestions/reccomendations though are greatly welcomed and appreciated!

So today is finally the last day of the Lent term here at LSE….now we are going on like a one month long spring ‘break’! Well….break in quotes because it really is supposed to be to study quite a bit since 100% of our grades come from our performance on just one exam at the end of the year! Yikes! Not my favorite part of being abroad at all! At least you get a few midterms and a final to prove yourself worthy at USC….man I never thought I’d say that I like midterms at all 😉

I’ll keep you posted once I finally get to Dubai! Hope everybody had a great spring break and is rocking it up on the home stretch before finals come around in a month!

See you all soon!