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So, no, I don’t have any new good restaurant tips for you this week, you’ll just have to have til next time. In the mean time, I’ll leave you with a clue as to where I will be, and if you can find me, then we can make it a bit of a “where’s Warren” game.  Just a disclaimer: I will be going back to Umami  this Thursday. So, everyone with good burger tastes, I will see you there.


In the meantime,  I wanted to discuss with you an opportunity, which to the best of my knowledge based on my research when I applied to other universities is unique to USC. It’s a class called “The Art and Adventure of Leadership” taught by President Emeritus Sample and Distinguished Professor Bennis.


It’s a unique class because it provides me with opportunities to deeply reflect on who I am as a person, and of equal interest to me, as a leader.


The class goes through and looks at various monumental leadership figures over the years. We look at the what seems to be a simple, yet is a very complex question “What makes a great leader?”




Check out the class link to learn more:




Do you ever stop to consider what your goals are, and how you will achieve them? With whom will you have to work?


What are your strengths and weaknesses as a leader?  If I ask you “So (your name) why should I follow you as the leader?”…what would you say?


What are you passionate about…in doing what do you feel most ‘authentic?’


These are deep questions to which we can’t always come to a close form answer. Yet, they are fundamentally important questions to consider during your development as an undergraduate.


So then, the moral of the post, is to highlight a distinct class at USC which, in my opinion, provides a unique opportunity to undergraduates to seek out the leader within themselves. It is a real opportunity to be in this class, and though is a bit far out in the future for you, hope you will consider some of the questions I posed above, and check out the link above. I think it really is worth your time!


In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great week planned ahead of them. All is well here, and as I said, will be off to some more tasty restaurants in the near future which I will definitely report back on.


Till then, stay well, and definitiely get in touch with us VSAs if there is anyway we can help you all out!


All the best,