As we enter the home stretch of college application season – you got this! – here is a helpful resource to answer any questions you may have about what it’s like to be an engineering student at Viterbi!
The Viterbi admissions office has been holding a series of virtual Student Chats this semester, where current engineering students get together to answer your questions as prospective students about: classes, internships, research, extracurriculars, social lives, and everything in between.
Check out a recording of the general live chat below:

If you are curious about specific student experiences at Viterbi, recordings for all previous live chats (including ones focused on internships, research, and Engineering+) can be found at the link below.


First Year Virtual Events

If you have your own questions you'd like to ask current engineering students, we have several upcoming live chats you can register for, including an All Things Viterbi chat on January 10 and a Transfer Student Live Chat on January 24.
To register for All Things Viterbi, click here.
To register for Transferring to USC Viterbi, click here.
All the best with your applications, and we hope this helps! As a reminder, the USC general application deadline is January 15, 2021 – for more information, visit the Viterbi admissions page at 
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