As we approach the deadline for first-year applicants (January 15th – see here for more information), we wanted to highlight student experiences from our LatinX engineers here at USC!
Some shorter stories from our students:
College Breaks

Corporate Girly Summer

This summer was the first summer I didn’t start off by going home. I stayed on campus summer housing since I was hired by SoCal…
Black Engineers

Why I Chose USC! – Sophomore Perspective

College is hard. Every class will not be your favorite. Every professor is not your friend. And. for most, this will be the longest time…
Black Engineers

Hackathons in Atlanta: My Experience at the NACME Conference

Over fall break, I had the opportunity to travel with 7 other Viterbi students to Atlanta, GA for the National Action Council for Minorities in…
LatinX Engineers

Club Retreats!

One of the best things about college is being able to pursue your true interests with no particular reason necessarily! In comparison to high school…

Latinx Lives at USC Viterbi: Rodolfo’s Story

This is a guest blog entry written by Rodolfo Perez. If you want to read more stories, visit y’all! My name is Rodolfo (Rudy)…

Latinx Lives at USC Viterbi: Aiyana’s Story

This is a guest blog entry written by Aiyana Bartolome. If you want to read more stories, visit name is Aiyana Bartolome. I’m mixed…
Some longer, in-depth podcast episodes:
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