I can’t believe my last semester as an undergraduate at USC is here: it seems like these past four years ave just flown by!

This semester, I only need 3 more classes to fulfill my¬†graduation¬†requirements. One of these classes, AME 481, I’m going to get to design an commercial sized airplane in its entirety. The project is so detailed that we’ll actually get to design the seat layout on the plane as well as restroom locations.

mock airplane

To familiarize ourselves with the SolidWorks tools we’ll be using for the actual airplane design, our first task was to just mess around and create a mock up of an airplane. I think mine looks like a dolphin. Or maybe a penguin.

I’m also taking two classes that I’m just interested in. EE 355 is a class on how to code in C++. While I may not be an electrical engineer or computer science guy, C++ is one of the most widely used coding languages in the world and I figured there’s no harm in learning it. Besides, the professor for that class is a REALLY good teacher. I’m also taking ASTE 572: Advanced Space Propulsion to learn primarily about electric and nuclear thrusters which are used as propulsion sources on exploratory vehicles being sent to other planets or regions of the solar system. The class also talks about anti-matter propulsion which IS actually a thing!

Outside of classes, I’m going to be continuing research on my Senior Design Project from last semester (the radiometric thruster that I blogged about extensively), and I will also continue serving as a tutor in the Viterbi Academic Resource Center. I’m also looking forward to enjoying my last semester here and just hanging out with my friends while we’re all still together.