It seems just like yesterday I was figuring out what I was going to do this semester and deciding whether or not to buy Coachella tickets. Now, as I sit here writing the last blog of the year looking ahead to my summer plans, I am amazed as to how fast this semester flew by.

Well, I’m not there quite yet. I have two finals left, a paper, and a project BUT I am done with my classes (that includes mechop! Yay!). And I am able to get through all of this because this time in two weeks, I will be in Taiwan with fellow VSA’s Emily and Ashlyn for a trip through our I-Podia class. I’ve never been to Asia so I’m super stoked for the experience.

I WILL climb to the top of that building

Then, the day after I get back from Taipei I start my internship with SpaceX. While I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing yet, I’m excited to work for such a cool company that is trying to privatize spaceflight, something that I have wanted to be involved with ever since I was a child. So, I’ll be staying at USC and commuting to work which is about 20 minutes. That means I’ll get to still hang out with all of my friends at night and on the weekends.

One of the rockets I'll hopefully get to work on!

Outside of work, I hope that I can finally get my scuba certification, go hiking, go to the beach A LOT, and maybe take a trip to Vegas or San Francisco (or both!). Have a wonderful and relaxing summer!