Hi Everybody! I hope you’ve all had an easy transition going from summer to the start of the school year. I know mine has been a little hard especially since I didn’t really get a break between my internship and the start of classes. But, now that we’re in week 3, I can safely say that I am getting into the swing of things and getting a handle of my classes.

This semester, I’m taking a Linear Systems Control Class (hard), a Spacecraft Propulsion Class (FUN!), my first grad-level, PDP Class on Incompressible Flow (Hard and interesting), and a Senior Design Class (wicked AWESOME). For my senior design project, I’m working with two other seniors on measuring the radiometric thrust on an array (same force that makes a Crooke’s Radiometer work). The idea is to mount these on a near-space aircraft and use it as a propulsion source. So, since near-space means little air pressure, we’ll be testing our array inside of a very big vacuum chamber in CHAFF. I’m also taking a Sailing class (with Steve and Natalie) and a Film Symposium class just for fun.

This is CHAFF. It is really big and can get to down to pressures of 10^-5 torr

Aside from classes, this semester will be filled with lots of football outings. Right now, I’m really looking forward the Stanford game this weekend.

Beat the Cardinal!!!!

I also am planning on going on at least one camping trip and hopefully a road trip to San Diego. Ideally, I can get a lot of scuba diving in this semester with my new scuba certification that I just got. Other than that, I don’t have big plans for the semester, just going to enjoy my last fall semester of my college career.