Hi all! It’s been quite an exciting few weeks since my last post. I’ve gotten to do some awesome stuff and go on some pretty cool hikes. In fact, I went on a hike to a small waterfall in La Canada (it’s near Pasadena, not Canada…I swear!) and got to waterslide down it into a small pool below. SO much fun! However, I think the highlight was my 4th of July trip to San Francisco.

I’ve been to the Bay Area a couple of times before but have never gotten a chance to actually explore the city itself so I was really excited for this excursion :D.  I started off by visiting a USC friend at Berkeley for a couple of days. We explored around the campus and had some really good Indian food there. On the 4th, we met up with our other friend in the city and celebrated ‘Murica’s birthday in the typical manner: burgers and fireworks. It was pretty cool to see the fireworks over the San Francisco Bay (although not is intense as that giant burst of fireworks in San Diego!) and see all of the interesting people that came out for that.

After the fireworks, I parted ways with my friend at Berkeley and made my way to a friend’s place in the city. There, I spent the rest of my time before driving down to Cupertino (to visit another friend) on my way back to LA. The best part, was that I got to just explore a lot of the city.

I started off in North San Francisco, walked through the park there down to Lombard Street, from there to Fisherman’s Wharf, and then to the heart of the city at Market Street where I met up with a friend from high school. What a journey! I’m going to try and give a glimpse of how awesome it was through the pictures below.


Lombard St.: the curviest road I’ve ever seen

The seals at Fisherman’s Wharf playing with each other

The view of Alcatraz from Fisherman’s Wharf. Still haven’t been on the island itself though 🙁


The famous pointy building in the financial district. Don’t really know what it is though…off to Google!

View of the beautiful city on a gorgeous day from Twins Peak.

And so I left San Francisco enamored with the city and its people, ecstatic to one day go back (and hopefully live) there!