Over the past 4 years, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing 3 different types of housing: living in freshman dorms, in a fraternity, and in a house with close friends. My freshman housing experience served it’s purpose to let me meet a lot of friends. My entire experience is summarized in my post from last year here, so I’ll just use this opportunity to talk about the other two types of housing.

My Freshman year friends! We still hang out :D

My Freshman year friends! We still hang out 😀

My sophomore and junior year, I lived in my fraternity. Living here definitely had a lot of benefits: rent was a lot cheaper then most USC housing, I was around 40 of my peers who ensured I was rarely bored, and you could get a cheap meal plan that let you eat at the house. However, as you can imagine, living with that many other guys can make things real messy…also, it can get noisy at times.

This year, I live in a house with 9 of my friends. I definitely prefer this to the other two types of housing as I have a lot more personal room, it is relatively cleaner, and we essentially have full control of what goes on with our house. It’s definitely also nice to have my own kitchen to use ( suggestion: make sure you preplan the “who does the dishes when” schedule…it’ll help a lot) whenever I get the chance to cook.