Summer has been awesome so far! I’ve gotten to go to Taiwan, have an awesome internship, and, best of all, got to float! That’s right. Float. In the air. How did I do this? Well, you may remember me talking about doing my NASA Microgravity Research Project in thisĀ post. It finally happened!

Here’s how the week of action went down:

We got to Houston late Thursday night and got up early in the morning to drive to Johnson Space Center on Friday. From then on, we went to NASA briefings and meetings all the while finishing setting up our experiment. Then, after a week of hard work, it was finally game time.

Our experiment all loaded up on the plane ready to go!

After getting a pre-flight briefing, the flight surgeon gave all of us who wanted it injections to prevent us from getting dizzy and throwing up all over the airplane. Then, it was time for my close up in front of the airplane:

Yep, caught in action with my zipper open

We got on the airplane and finally got to do our experiment and experience Zero-G’s (as described in the pictures below). Let me tell you: the experience was AMAZING!!! I don’t really know how to describe the experience: it was pretty surreal. Maybe like a cross between skydiving, riding a roller coaster, and floating in a pool. The experiment went well even though we still need to look at our data, but regardless of how the data turns out, it was worth all the effort.


Floating while Fighting On!

I’m holding down to the strap only with my fingers so I don’t float away. The bag was there just in case…

I am busy at work doing the experiment and trying not to float away. you can see the burning wax ball!