Wow. As I’m sure you’ve figured out from all the other posts, summer went by wayyyy too fast. And yet, for me, it’s probably been the best one in college.I had a very fun and exciting internship, I got to travel to Taiwan, Houston, and San Francisco, I got to float in midair on the Vomit Comet and I got scuba certified (more below). It’s going to be hard to adjust back into school mode and give up my free time during weeknights to meetings and homework 🙁

But let me back up a little and talk about my scuba experience before I dive right into this upcoming year. I have always wanted to get scuba certified, ever since I experienced it in Eilat, Israel when I was 14. During that dive, I instantly became fascinated by the fact that I can breathe underwater and by the sense of peacefulness I found in the ocean. Unfortunately, getting scuba certified in LA is not usually a cheap endeavor. Alas, Groupon FINALLY came to my rescue and I was able to take a class that I could afford. So, I signed up with a friend, and in two short weekends, I became PADI Scuba Certified. I’m stoked because this is something that I definitely foresee myself continuing throughout my life.

My friend Aaron and I before our last dive to get certified!

Since I did the certification a couple of weeks before the end of summer, you could say that this was my last hurrah during the summer. I still have one more week of my internship but then, it’s right back to school for me. And this time, I’m going to be a SENIOR??!!!?!?!?!? How can that be? I was a freshman, like, 2 months ago :(. But really, the saying that time flies during college is 100% true. I am looking forward to this semester though; I’m taking a cool film class and also taking sailing with fellow VSAs Natalie and Steve. My other classes are going to be difficult but very interesting as well.

However, the thing that I’m looking forward to the most is definitely football season. I called it in December and, call me arrogant, but I am willing to call it again: USC Trojans- National Champions. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?



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