As fall semester begins to reach full swing, one major event gets me through the week: GAME DAY! Game day refers to every Saturday where we have a football game, regardless of whether or not it is away or home. However, experiencing a home game is an experience in it of itself.

For me, home game days start by awaking to the sound of the USC Fight Song blasting over my fraternity’s (Beta Theta Pi) house speakers. Once out of bed, I find my game-day shirt and get ready to go to our house’s tailgate on campus. At the tailgate, just seeing the sea of cardinal and gold is enough to get me excited and my adrenaline pumping. Tailgates are a perfect setting to hang out with your friends as well as to just walk around and meet the other Trojans. I’m always impressed by the vast number of alumni that come from all over the greater Los Angeles area to tailgate with their college buddies and support their Alma Mater.

About an hour before the game, my friends and I begin the trek to the Colesium to make sure we get good seats in the student section. On the way, we kick the customary flag poles to bring our team good luck. As we get to the stadium, the anticipation for the game to start becomes almost unbearable. Luckily, the USC band helps the time fly by performing just before the game starts.

The band spelling out "Trojan" on the field

As the game starts, the entire stadium shakes with cheers and support for our football team. I distinctly remember looking around the stadium during our game versus Stanford my freshman year and being amazed at how many people packed the stadium. I also remember how in every close game, each successful drive would be rejoiced with ecstasy and each mistake with utter gloom (yes, i do get that invested into football). By the end of the game, a win guarantees happiness and celebration while a loss ensures a campus of melancholy students. The fact a game can change the atmosphere of an entire campus and community reminds me how proud I am to be a part of the greatest family in the country: the Trojan Family.

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  • steve says:

    YES! Gameday! So true how the win/loss basically changes the entire campus atmosphere. We love our football! Fight on!