This past weekend, my fraternity had an exchange with the lovely ladies of Alpha Delta Pi. For those of you unfamiliar with an exchange, I would say it is comparable to the school dances you have in high school except they are all usually themed and require you to wear a costume. This is always fun for me as I love to dress up and goof off all night.

The theme for this one was original Disney channel movies, which meant that you could dress up as any character found within any of these movies. I decided to go back to a classic from my childhood, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, and dress up like the rockstar Protozoa.

Look at that rockin' guitar and those sexy red pants

But if you can believe it, this isn’t even my best costume. Over the past years and through the numerous Halloweens that I have had the pleasure of celebrating, I have been able to wear all sorts of costumes. So, I thought I would share my favorites from recent years and, maybe, the next time you need a last minute costume, you can just throw one of these together ūüėÄ

First off, there’s Quailman: the superhero alter-ego of Doug Funny from the show Doug. I wore this fine apparel for Halloween my junior year of high school. As you can tell, the costume can be put together very cheaply from clothes that you or your friends may already have.

classic superhero from one of my favorite childhood shows Doug

Freshman year of college, I decided to go as something a little more California-esque: a hippie! Again, another costume that i spent 0 dollars on. Win.

Peace kids!

Going along with the theme of tie-dye, for another exchange that we had, I decided to dress up as a little¬†kindergartener (i swear that’s what it was even though it may not be apparent from this angle).

That hat has a cool helicopter blade on it that you can twirl. Be jealous

Yet, all of these costumes pale in comparison to the best costume I have ever created. Now, before I show the pictures, a little pretext is needed. As an energetic little boy, I was obsessed with the show¬†Dragonball Z¬†(google it if you haven’t seen it):¬†I loved the flying, the fighting, the yelling, and the hair-changing-to-yellow-ing. I have seen every episode and could recite almost any trivia related to the show (try me). That is why, my senior year of high school, my friends and I could not pass up the opportunity to dress up as the main characters from this show for Senior Halloween Day. I decided to go as my favorite character Goku. We stayed up all night making the costumes and doing our hair. Here was me in my end result:

Note the golden hair. That's right, I'm a Super Sayen getting ready to unleash a Kaa-meya-meya wave

This was probably my favorite day in high school. We would run around inbetween classes and stage mock fights amongst ourselves. To honor this fine day, I decided to wear it at some point every Halloween in college so far.

Me fighting Vegeta, my arch-enemy

If you have any cool costumes better then the ones I have, feel free to share it with me!