Over the past week, USC had it’s spring break, giving students a break form school. A lot of my friends went to various warm locations (Mexico, San Diego, Florida, etc.) but I decided to visit one of my best friends from high school. It so happens that she had her spring break then too, goes to a college in Colorado, and had a friend who had a place in the mountains near the ski resorts. So, I spent my break skiing! Perfect timing too since all the resorts happened to get a lot of snow (“fresh pow”) while we were there.

2013-03-20 12.08.43

Beautiful view of the mountains covered in snow on our way to Breck

All in all I got to ski A-Basin, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Vail. My favorite was definitely Vail probably because while we were skiing there, it snowed at least 6″ and the back bowls were amazing! They were filled with untouched fresh snow that was knee deep, which is a first for me especially considering I learned to ski on man-made snow on a hill near Ohio :'(.

2013-03-21 09.43.13

On our way to Vail: it was snowing like crazy so traffic was pretty slow. But, all was good 😀

2013-03-21 16.19.04

Fighting On through the snowstorm  at Vail











At Breckenridge, we skied the bowls for a little bit (including the one at the mountain’s peak) before turning our attention to the trees. Going through the trees was a lot of fun: the snow was untouched and not icy at all, the trees blocked the wind from nipping at our faces, and, needless to say, we had to be wary of running into ones as we navigated through them. And, I enjoyed the trees here more than in Keystone since there weren’t as many steep moguls here.

2013-03-20 13.44.11

Getting ready to ski from Breckenridge’s Peak. We had to hike a little ways from the ski lift to get there!

A-Basin was also fun for the same reasons as Breck and Vail even though it was a sizable amount smaller than them. What made Keystone appealing was that they had night skiing meaning that instead of having to leave at 4:30 like other slopes, you could stay until 8 and ski a couple of runs. AND they shot off fireworks on the weekends!

2013-03-17 16.12.57

Photo Op in front of A-Basin

While the snow made the skiing (and my spring break) wonderful, it also had an effect on my travel plans. On Friday, Denver got hit with another snow storm that lasted through Saturday. So, my flight was delayed by 4 hours :o! And, unfortunately, I didn’t find this out until I got to the airport. But, a little How I Met Your Mother and doing my EE355 homework made the time fly by!

2013-03-23 15.06.59

Unfortunately, it was snowy at the airport too :/