There is a lot of stuff going on around campus. A lot. Everyday I am bombarded with emails either telling me to go to some on-campus event or that there are free tickets to a Dodger’s game. I got one this past spring I thought was so cool I figured I would share it.

Always check your email!

A freshman engineering design challenge hosted by Boeing!? Yes, you heard me. When I got this email from #ViterbiConnect I instantly signed up. I knew it was a great opportunity to get advice and network with USC alumni who worked at Boeing. Everyone got assigned to a team and we were each given two hours to design and propose a asteroid extraction mission. We chose and optimized a variety of factors including our propulsion system and fuel then presented and explained our decisions to a panel of judges. In the end my team did not place but afterwards a Boeing employee gave me amazing advice on problem solving and other ways to approach design challenges.


It was such a unique experience to compete in the design challenge not just because I got to meet Boeing employees but because I got a taste of what it would be like in the professional world. Working in teams, learning how to split up tasks effectively, and developing a strategy of attack are all things I will one day have to use. I am happy Viterbi put on an event that made me feel like I was working for the future. Oh, I forgot to mention, I got a LinkedIn message from Boeing!

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