How’s it going guys? I’ve spent the past couple days on campus getting work done. Now, I love submerging myself in school but eventually I get the itch to get off campus; lucky for me Los Angeles is in my backyard. I’d like to tell you guys a little bit about one of my favorite sites near campus, Little Tokyo.

My hometown of Chicago is home to many cultural and ethical communities such as Chinese, Assyrian, Greek, and Polish to name a few. Little Tokyo reminds me of these communities for one big reason, food. That’s right. Little Tokyo has sushi, mochi, and ramen are some of my favorites. So much so that every time I head over I get all three! How do I get there? The public transportation in LA is amazing, however, I’m pretty impatient when I want sushi so I just take an Uber; both services are incredibly cheap.

Okay so the foods great but that’s not all Little Tokyo has to offer. I am huge fan of art, zen, and music so every time I stop by the plaza I head over to building which holds the U Store, an art gallery, and a zen garden! The U Store is a ukulele store and a coffee café merged into one. Last time I went I bought a concert pineapple ukulele then had some coffee while I practiced on their comfortable couches. After I am done practicing I always check out the neighboring art gallery. One of my favorite exhibits was one on Japanese calligraphy.

It’s great to have places like Little Tokyo to visit. As a student I stay busy on campus but getting to explore places around LA always gives me a chance to distress, take a breath, and refocus. Always remember to fight on then zen out!

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