I can’t believe I’m done with one whole year of college. Last spring the thought of going to school 2,000 miles away was terrifying but now I’m getting ready to leave knowing I will miss all of it. Of course, USC gave me such an amazing opportunity to grow academically but ultimately this school gave me the greatest opportunity to grow personally.


Coming to USC in the fall was the first time I had ever stepped foot in Los Angeles. No visits, no connections to the college,heck, my Dad came with me for move-in and he had never GONE to college. Looking for a way to find my niche I went to involvement fair on Trousdale and got exposed to greek life and student government. Signing up is one thing but getting involved in multiple organizations, classes, and being in a whole new place taught me how to manage my time. Starting off from scratch in a strange world while doing all these activities made me appreciate time and I definitely learned how to manage it.

Success at USC, at college in general, was nothing like what I thought it was. It is never immediate. I put so much pressure on myself to decide what job I wanted when I graduated. Even worse, I tried to do now what I thought Vincent-four-years-from-now would do. After months of unnecessary stress I realized taking it one day at a time was best. Learning and growing is an ongoing process so just go with the flow and good things will happen

I still need to pack.



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