So here’s the deal, there is only so much a student can learn in the classroom; that’s where student organizations come in. Student organizations provide an opportunity to gain understanding and competence in any field of study through real-world application of classwork. Not only that, it’s a great way to make new friends and potential employers. I thought I would give an inside scoop on the organizations I’m joining this year.


MEGA! Besides being a well thought out acronym for Makers of Entertaining Games Association members work together to design, create, and play video games. In addition to working together there are often guest speakers from companies like Blizzard, Minecraft, and EA. USC has the 1# games program in the nation so many of these speakers are USC alumni and ready to talk with members; providing them with advice and internships. As a games major this is a no-brainer and I am excited to get started this year!


Not all organizations have huge time commitments or many events. HackSC members compete in a 36-hour hackathon where Trojans can test their programming abilities against their peers and other universities. What is a hackathon? Teams are assigned to a professional within the field of computer science and the goal is to create a piece of software, hardware, or a combination of the two. The entries are all judged but the real reason to participate is for the experience. Another no brainer!


I can’t wait to take advantage of all the amazing Viterbi student organizations. USC wants its students to be successful both inside and out of the classroom. Get out, get involved, and fight on.

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