My summer was absolutely fantastic! I reconnected with old friends and I know, despite how far away USC is from Chicago, that I won’t ever lose those relationships. Meanwhile, my internship with Castwell Products Inc. was everything I could have asked for; I definitely feel more prepared for my professional career. But seeing USC on ESPN (AP Poll #8!) started to get my excited about coming back to school and what turned excitement to fervor was signing up for all the computer science courses I had wanted to take since spring.

Enter fall semester.


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My excitement was certainly merited. CSCI-103, Introduction to Computer Science, is easily my favorite class. The curriculum is designed to ensure satisfactory understanding of C++/C and I already feel confident that I am on track to doing so. In lecture I code on my laptop along with my professor and in lab I have already made a bunch of different programs. What isn’t to love when I am doing what I love, doing it at a challenging pace, all while getting ready for the USC football season?

Sorry Arkansas State, if it makes you feel any better I had a great time tailgating on campus. For those of you who don’t know, tailgating on campus is a USC tradition. Before every home game the student body, alumni, and faculty (yes, your professors will be partying with you) get excited about the game by playing music, games, and doing the SoCal shout out. Definitely purchase a season ticket, they are more than worth it.

My newest future endeavor this fall is joining the USC American Society of Civil Engineers. Every year the team of USC undergraduates contruct a steel bridge and compete against other universities. But don’t I study computer science? I learned to weld during my summer internship so I want to continue doing so on the ASCE team. The best part of USC is the flexibility to branch out beyond my major and explore new realms. It isn’t just allowed, but encouraged.

An appropriate poster from work.

An appropriate poster from work.

I look forward to blogging about my new frontiers and hopefully USC we will be 2-0 by then. Fight on!

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