When the going gets tough, the tough get help from their ~support systems~

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This week has been a rough one, friends. I had many a midterm, caught the flu, had a homework assignment that took over 12 hours to complete, not one but two meetings at the crack of dawn, and a class conflict. After many nights sleeping not enough for a functioning human, everything got too much and I realized I couldn’t deal with it all by myself. And that is when I realized, I had friends that could help me?! Incredible, I know.

As a freshman, I was very scared that I wouldn’t make any friends and would have to deal with the pressures of college by myself. But let me tell you, that is far from the truth. This week may have been rough but I texted, met up with, and got help from the people that I consider my support system. Some of the people I texted included: the rest of the SHPE Executive board members who have become close friends (like Camila!)

Me and Alejandra (FriendSHPE)

my freshman year floormates (including Aarya!) who are still some of my best friends

Me and Aarya being fun pre midterm season

my Gamma Phi Big who happens to also be Chem E, my fellow Chem E classmates to help with that insane Reactors homework, and my mom of course. I also met with my academic advisor who helped me navigate through a class conflict.

Overall, this week taught me many things. One, I can’t run on just coffee sometimes sleep is important. Two, the people in the things I’m involved with literally saved the day, comforted me when I needed it and helped me find solutions to all my problems. And three, no one gets through engineering alone!! The moral of the story is, get involved in stuff (student orgs, your floor, your classes, whatever floats your boat) because you will make super awesome friends and when you need someone to talk to or work through a really hard Reactors homework, they will be there for you. Just like the Friends theme song told us.

That’s all folks, until next time, Fight On!!

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Vanessa is a junior studying Chemical Engineering. Lover of eggs benedict, traveling and facetiming her dog. Click above to find out more.

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