The summer is half way over and I am currently sitting at the Rome Ciampino airport waiting for my (delayed) flight to start boarding. After 7 weeks in Rome, I am off to Greece and Croatia with friends and family. Even though I am extremely excited to be traveling for almost a whole month, I am so sad that the Rome Viterbi Abroad Program has come to an end. I met some incredible people, took classes with super cool professors, and ate my weight in pasta and gelato.

Our ISE 460 Professor and us during the farewell dinner

Rome has been a wonderful temporary home, a beautiful city to explore and it will forever hold a place in my heart. The best way to describe my summer so far (besides picturing me just constantly sweating) is by listing my favorite gelato places in Rome. This was a very hard list to narrow down but after 7 weeks of scientific research and multiple trials at each gelateria here is my top 5 (and some more because I couldn’t decide )

5. Frigidarium – Via de Govierno Veccio, near the Accent center where we had class!
We passed Frigiadarium (Fridge as we later nicknamed it), nearly every single day on the way to and from class. It is only 2 euros and they give you free panna (whipped cream) or chocolate dip. This was my favorite amarena (cherries and cream) flavor. Future Viterbi Study Abroad Rome students, don’t be tempted to just get Fridge every day. There are better gelatos elsewhere, but also it is amazing so you will get it often anyways.

4. Fatamorgana – Trastevere
Fatamorgana has a variety of strange flavors that are always surprisingly delicious. Don’t be afraid to try something unfamiliar because you can’t go wrong. It’s also open late and only a couple tram stops from our apartments, so this became our go-to post WRIT 340 essay gelato.

3. Tie between Gelateria dell’Angeletto – Colosseum and Old Bridge – Vatican
This is probably cheating because I’m including 6 gelaterias in a top 5 list but I couldn’t narrow it down! At both, I got only fruity flavors and they’re both equally incredible. Highly recommend their pesca (peach) and fragola (strawberry).

2. Giolitti – Pantheon
There are no words to describe how great Giolitti is. They have a huge variety of flavors and they have my favorite type of panna where it’s just plopped on top instead of swirled from a machine. If you are ever in Rome, you must go. There is another location in Testaccio but the Pantheon one I think is significantly better.

1.Panna & Co – Testaccio
It was a close call between Giolitti and Panna & Co but after my second visit, Panna & Co claimed the #1 spot in my heart, and stomach. It is in Testaccio, a trendy neighbourhood across the river from where we were staying. Although none of these gelaterias will let you down, Panna & Co, to me, is just the best. It is kind of out of the way if you are just visiting Rome and staying around tourist sights but I think it is worth the tram ride.

Honorable mentions:
Il Gelato di San Crispino – Pantheon
Priciest gelato I tried but it is incredible. They give very small portions and its more expensive. If you are craving gelato, go to Giolitti its just around the corner and you get tons more. Still worth trying at least once, it is incredibly good gelato.

Gelateria Fassi – Oldest Gelato in Rome and my favorite panna
I didn’t think the gelato was as good but the panna was by far my favorite. It was a little bit out of the way but just a few tram stops from the Colosseum

Quanta Gelato – Piazza Navona
Random little bar / café / gelateria near Piazza Navona and a small church, Chiostro del Bramante, most of us studied at after class. Quality gelato for just 2 euros but not as mind blowing as the rest.

As you can probably tell, I ate my way through Rome this summer and I now have very strong opinions about gelato. How will I ever go back to regular old ice cream? The world may never know.

If you want to see what else I’ve been up to in Rome and Greece and Croatia next check out my Instagram – @vanepangbourne I promise it’s only minimally food!

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