The fall semester is now in full swing with Involvement Fairs, Game Days, and for some midterms have already started. Every year fall always feels super hectic since every week is packed. A lot has happened since the summer and even the start of the semester. Here’s a ~fun~ recap of what I’ve been up to!

I flew home from Rome (read my blog about gelato here), to Vancouver for a lovely 12 hours before flying to LA to move in to my sorority house.

The night before move in I went to see one of my favorite artists ever, Ed Sheeran, at the Staples Center.

Ed Sheeran Concert

Following move in was the first week of classes and sorority rush! This was my first year doing rush from the actives side.

Siena and I during rush!

So excited for our new GPhi Babies!

My weekends have been consumed by gamedays and concerts, two of my favorite things.

One Republic at the Forum!

In the first few weeks of every semester there is both a USC wide Involvement Fair and a Viterbi Career fair where all kinds of student organizations table in attempts to recruit new members or at the very least add them to their mailing lists. I tabled for SHPE at both fairs and we got over 100 new people to sign up!

Tabling for SHPE at the Involvement Fair

This semester I’m in 2 GE classes: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality and Hip Hop Don’t Stop. Even though I’m in these fun classes, my current (and maybe even all-time) favorite class is Physical Chemistry. My professor for this class is amazing and is so good at explaining every detail, variable, parameter and concept. A lot of what we are learning in PChem is things we “learned” in Thermodynamics but I really struggled to understand that class which was incredibly fast paced and introduced so many concepts I never felt like I was fully understanding any of them. Now, I feel like I understand every single aspect of these equations and ideas which is hugely important because Thermodynamics is one of the foundations of Chemical Engineering.

Besides my classes, I have been going to tailgates and games on Saturdays, starting back up in my research lab, semi panicking when I think about jobs, and overall adjusting to being back in school after a whirlwind of a summer.

I hope your fall semesters are going well, wherever you may be reading this from! If you want to keep up with all that I am up to, follow me on Instagram!

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