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Greetings friends!! How’s it going? I hope you’re doing well. Today I am here to tell you all about the SHPE National Conference that I attended last weekend because it was a wild time.

First, you may be wondering, Vanessa, what is the SHPE National Conference? Let me tell you! SHPE is the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (read Camila’s blog about our USC chapter), and the National Conference is an annual giant conference where university and professional chapters from all over the country come together along with company representatives to attend workshops, networking events, and a two-day career fair to #get #those #jobs and develop your professional skills.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certified!

Some of the workshops I attended included a Lean Six Sigma workshop where I got white belt certified and a L’Oréal case study workshop.I also attended the Region 2 meeting (that’s the region USC is in) where SHPE-USC was recognized for our Outstanding Professional Development!

The career fair was similar to any other career fair experience except ginormous and most companies schedule interviews on the spot and many people get offered full time and internship positions before the weekend is even over! I was able to secure an interview with The Clorox Company!

So what did I learn? Networking is really tiring but it’s not nearly as hard as I made it out to seem. The first day of the career fair and during many of the workshops, I psyched myself out and got too nervous to talk to the company reps one on one but by the final day I had lost that fear and went for it. And that is when I got my interview! So my tip would be, remember the recruiters are human too, they aren’t as scary as they seem. Second, I would say prepare as much as you can beforehand. I had a midterm the Thursday the conference started and because I was so focused on that, I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to research companies, plan which workshops to attend and make a game plan for the career fair. Overall, if it’s possible, try to do your research and plan ahead. I’ve been in SHPE since my freshman year, slowly getting more involved. I’ve made incredible FriendSHPEs

FriendSHPEs and dogs?! what more could you want??

and I’ve had the chance to develop my LeaderSHPE skills and now hopefully, this organization might just help me land that summer InternSHPE! If you want to learn more about SHPE, check out the SHPE-USC website and Instagram!

Have a great weekend!! byeeee

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