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 Ever since my first ever concert, the Jonas Brothers when I was 12 or 13, I have loved live music. Throughout high school I would count how many babysitting hours would be enough to get my next concert ticket. In my junior and senior year, I rarely had a time where I didn’t already know when my next concert was. Because of this, when I was applying to colleges, being in a major city was a must because every band tours major cities. But LA is not just a major city, it is a hub for musicians and artists so I couldn’t have picked a better place to go to college and enjoy live performances.

The time I caught a drumstick at The Neighbourhood concert

One of the wildest things that have happened because of living in LA was the time I (sort of) met my favorite band while going to Target. Freshman year one of my friends, Aarya, and I were going to target at Fig at 7th (back in the day before the Village Target). We took the metro line but got off one stop too early without noticing. We decided to walk the rest of the way because it was close enough. As we were walking I heard a song I thought I recognized. It was one of The Neighbourhood’s new singles. As we got closer I realized, it was The Neighbourhood. I was so overwhelmed because at the time they were my favorite band, I had seen them live twice, the time in LA it was at the Shrine and I caught a drum stick (another time I peaked freshman year).

Only photo proof I have of this happening (thats Jesse the lead singer)

We could see they were performing on a balcony at a hotel across the street so we quickly walked in the direction of the music. Strangers directed us towards the hotel and then even let us in the elevator and swiped their card to let us onto the right floor. It seemed everything was working out just so I could see my favorite band. As we got to the balcony they were on they had finished their set. Aarya and I weren’t sure what to do so we just kind of hung around. Eventually the entire band walked towards the elevator and we followed. I didn’t have the courage to say anything but as the doors closed I just said, “I love your music”.

I have several other stories of concerts and last minute decisions that turned into some of my favorite memories and all of it was possible because USC is at the center of one of the most dynamic cities for music. Even though it has nothing to do with what I study or want to do after graduation, live music is one of my most favorite things to do and I could have never experienced it in the same way had I not lived in LA, at USC.

That’s all for my concert adventures for today! Byeee

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Vanessa is a junior studying Chemical Engineering. Lover of eggs benedict, traveling and facetiming her dog. Click above to find out more.

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