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 Junior year is quickly coming to its end (what?? how??) and with the end of every year come fun celebrations.

Last week SHPE (The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) had their first ever MemberSHPE Appreciation Banquet where Vice Dean Jones was the Keynote Speaker. It was so much fun to celebrate a great year with my favorite org on campus and so many friends.

This past Wednesday I also attended the Viterbi Awards Gala which was super fun. Listening to Dean Yortsos and all the awardees speak about their achievements and Viterbi’s achievements was so inspiring. I got to sit at a table with California Resource Company, saw a few SHPE Alumni and at the end we all took the fancy centre pieces home.

Viterbaes amirite

~wow such vibes much neon~

This friday I attended the Latino Student Assembly Banquet but I didn’t take any pictures besides this very ~aesthetic~ couch and neon sign. Please enjoy the vibes.

Next week is the Center for Engineering Diversity Celebration of Excellence and my sorority invite! So much celebration, not enough time!

I hope you enjoyed pictures of engineers dressed all fancy and pretending to adult properly. Now onto finals… and the summer!


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