This winter break, for me, has been a nice break from a super hectic semester. I was taking classes to cover all aspects of my major, from software engineering to electrical engineering, physics, and technology entrepreneurship, and worked on putting on two successful events for the organization I’m involved in, Spark SC, which definitely kept me busy!


The view from my one of my favorite peaks to hike at home

I was able to catch up on my junk food consumption and Netflix binging, and also got to catch up with friends from high school and a lot of my friends from SC that live in the area near me, which is always fun. From hiking, getting milk tea, and even watching The Bachelor, we did a lot.


Wise advice from Gilmore Girls

Being away from LA, back in the suburbs of the Bay Area was definitely a big change of pace, especially without having classes to worry about, and missing the city drove me into San Francisco a couple times, where I checked out museums – one of my favorites, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts was a great one that reminded me of The Broad in LA and the Reina Sofia (in Madrid, which I was able to check out when studying abroad).

(One of the exhibits @ San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts)


One of the things I love most about LA is the number of amazing restaurants available nearby, and luckily, the Bay Area isn’t short of that. I tried Ethiopian food, Burmese food, amongst other regional cuisines, and am super excited to try out similar food back at school.

As much as I’ve loved the past four weeks, I’m looking forward to being back in LA and starting a new semester!

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