Weight room at the Lyon Center

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I wake up to go to none other than my weight training class! It”s a two-unit course that I get to take, in the PE department, even as an engineer. Honestly, one of the reasons I decided to take it was to force myself to work out, at least twice a week. Just five weeks in, I’ve learned so much about what to actually do at the gym. The cool thing about the class is that the coach is also a professional personal trainer, so she’s/ able to tell you exactly what you should be doing to achieve your goals, and recognizes that everyone has different goals. We have competitive weight lifters in our class, as well as people (like myself) who have never learned proper technique for weight lifting.

Every day for the first couple of weeks, we have a short lecture about anatomy and technique followed by a demo session for whatever we’re focusing on for the week, whether that is squats or deadlifts or anything else. You actually get personal attention without having 20 pairs of eyes watching you. My coach, Sarah Hayes, is the coolest person ever – she’s been a professional bodybuilder in the past, and is so incredibly nice and helpful with her critiques and just in general as a person, so the class is a really chill environment just filled with people who are there to learn and improve themselves.

Strangely enough, it’s also a great class to get to meet people, especially people that may not necessarily be engineers, and I think that’s one of the coolest things about taking classes outside your major or minor.

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