Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m currently home, getting a little time off from school. Thanksgiving break comes at a weird time, toward the end of the semester, and right before finals. It’s weird because it’s the smallest little taste of home, or family, or whatever you do during the break, but you’ve only got 3 days off of school. It comes in the middle of the peak of the school grind, too, so it’s also at a time where you really really need it. (That, I think most people will agree on.)

However, with finals coming up, it’s not much of an extended break. You just have to make the most of it. I definitely try to do that – this break, I plan to go home for a few days and then attend a wedding in Houston. Many people choose to do different things. For me, I like that I am close enough that it makes sense to go home for the break. I get the chance to visit my family and friends, catch up with people from home and have some extra time to catch up on sleep.

Tomorrow, I’m leaving California for a wedding in Texas! I’ve actually never been to Texas, so I’ll be getting to do some traveling! Here’s hoping there’s Wi-Fi on the plane so I get to work on my 15-page paper while before the wedding, so I can enjoy it fully! I’ll probably also be studying for some major finals I have coming up! It’s been one heck of a busy semester, so I’ve got to make sure to keep the momentum going while I’m not still at school.

In the meantime, before I go to Texas, I’ll have the chance to meet up with some of my close friends who are also home from break! Most of my friends go to school in state, so they come home for the shorter breaks, and I get to see them here! Tonight, my plan is to go to a family friend’s house for dinner, where we’ll get to catch up on each other’s lives and eat a ridiculous amount of food – One of my favorite reasons to be home is the amount of FOOD everyone gives you! Which is such a nice change, because honestly, not having a meal plan in college gets pretty rough at times.

The other thing about only really being home for a little over a month or so over the entire course of a year, while in school, is that you get to see how much your home changes. For me, living where I do, everything changes so much, and so quickly. It’s things from how bad traffic gets to getting to see the new stores opened downtown, and getting to try out new coffee shops. Every time I come home, I make it a point to check out something new! This break, I got to check out some new restaurants and also see how much my favorite milk tea spot has changed. Luckily, some things really do stay the same, and that’s what makes home home.

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