In the spirit of a new year, I thought it might be cool to share the things I want to work on for this semester! They’re not exactly resolutions, but rather lessons that I’ve learned in the last year, and how that relates to things I’ll be doing (differently) this semester.

If you’ve read some of my other blogs, you know that I stress organization! As an engineer at USC, you’ll be juggling coursework and all the involvements that you decide to commit to, and that’s tough to do without keeping your schedule together. Last semester, I experimented with a bunch of different ways, both very unsuccessful, and very successful, that I want to carry into this semester.


Venice Beach – a great place to walk through and home to some of the best brunch spots!


Outdoor market with over 50 shops and food vendors

I LOVE to travel. I love the adventure associated with it, and I love being able to explore different cultures. When studying in the same state I grew up in, it might seem hard to be able to travel as such, but luckily, being in LA exposes you to all different cultures. Even though it’s pretty impractical to hop on a plane out of the country on a whim, it’s pretty easy to call an Uber and head to Santa Monica, or coordinate a weekend camping trip with a few friends. Last semester was the first semester I think I really took advantage of the different experiences our location makes it easy to get, and I want to continue with that this semester.


Lastly, the one thing I love about going to a big university is that I get so many opportunities to meet new people. This semester I hope to take advantage of those opportunities, whether they’re as simple as going to RA-sponsored activities (which are usually monthly, and every student in USC housing gets the opportunity to participate in), or checking out other organizations’ events!

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