This break, I spent the first weekend near Lake Tahoe with a bunch of my friends. We spent three days road tripping up from LA, hiking, watching scary movies, and just hanging out. Spring break comes right in the middle of the semester, so it’s a really nice break to have before  or in the middle of midterms. I also went home for the rest of the week and was able to see a bunch of my friends from high school, which was exciting since everyone’s breaks don’t seem to match up.

One of my friends brought her dog with us, so the weekend was that much more fun! The weather was good, and there was snow from the week before so we just spent hours and hours outside, and the scenery was amazing. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, every time I see snow, it’s a whole experience, and I love it.

Spring semester is definitely more of a stretch than fall semester – you don’t have as many interruptions, so it’s a really nice time to go out and travel. I’ve got friends who travelled all around the US and out of the country (lived vicariously through them via Snapchat). For me, after the first few days of just hanging out with my friends, I went home to catch up on sleep and TV and to eat all of my favorite foods at home (and milk tea, because boba = life).

Now, it’s back to school and back to the grind!


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