The last few weeks have been really hectic with starting school, getting acclimated to a new semester, and recruitment for the organizations I’m in. One of these orgs is a professional engineering fraternity, Theta Tau. Theta Tau isn’t what most people think of when the words “fraternity” or “greek life” come to your mind; the focus is a little more specific than that of most social Greek organizations. As a co-ed engineering fraternity, all of our members are, of course, engineers. We have every discipline of engineering represented, from computer science, to civil, environmental, electrical, industrial, and so on. With operate with three core values: profession, brotherhood, and service.

Camping retreat with the beta class

Service event with a local high school

Friends and neighbors day







I joined USC’s colony as a freshman, in my first semester – I was in the very first pledge class, so I’ve been lucky enough to see us grow from 14 members to about 70 in just four semesters! One of the coolest things about being a part of the inception of an organization is that you have a huge hand in shaping what it becomes.

As far as professional events go, we have resume building workshops, tech talks with Microsoft and Google, defense companies, consulting firms, and more. Essentially, through these events, we give our members contact into the professional world of engineering, and do so across all represented areas of engineering. Yesterday, we had one of our “Theta Talks” – yeah, we really like the puns – where a representative from Lockheed Martin who talked about the F22 fighter jet.

Brotherhood events are mainly social events – we have camping retreats, we go to football, basketball, and volleyball games together, have mixers with other professional and engineering organizations, and have parties. Everything we do within brotherhood is in the spirit of bonding our members and giving us a great community to become close to and an integral part of. When I joined Theta Tau as a freshman, one of the reasons I did so was to expand my social and professional circle of engineers beyond just computer science and electrical engineering, and this was an incredibly valuable way for me to do that.

Service events are some of my favorites! As a group, we participate in events like Friends and Neighbors Day, where we volunteer with nonprofits throughout the Los Angeles area through USC. We also are working on partnering with schools in the local LA area to set up mentorship programs and events where we expose young students to STEM fields and hopefully spark some interest in!

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