Midterm season is here, and all around campus, students are burying themselves deep inside the bookstacks and cramming material from the last 5 weeks of class. I’ll admit to locking myself in Doheny, one of the more Hogwarts-esque libraries on campus, for hours on end. Sometimes, a change of pace is much needed, and these are the top four spots on campus I like to go to when I need to get in my concentration zone.

“The Hill” This is the spot facing McCarthy Quad, a pretty central hub for all activities on campus, whether that be TV filmings, concerts, or student org events, that is shaded by trees and well-lit all through the day. It’s where I love to meet my friends, put up a hammockusc-fertitta-03, and people-watch while I work on Java assignments. You have a beautiful view of one of the most pictureesque spots at USC, and people are lounging around – definitely a low-stress vibe that’s perfect for getting in the flow of work.

New Annenberg This building is one of the most sleek on campus, with a multiple-story high TV that broadcasts news, and it’s at a really nice central location by the Campus Center and Bookstore.  You can caffinate all you want, here – it’s home to my favorite café (read: they serve affogatos). You’ll see students of all disciplines and majors grinding out work. It’s a nice, quiet environment that lends itself well to late nights, which is perfect since this building is open until really late.2

Fertitta Hall This is one of the newest buildings on campus, it’s five stories high and has lots of different places to work in, with a range of environments. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet, you can head up to the upper floors, where there are lounges in the open area between classrooms, and if you want to sit down and eat while you work, there’s an amazing Asian kitchen that serves ramen and bahn mis (because quality food = quality studying, right?)


Engineering Quad Last, and definitely not least, the EQuad is one of my favorite places to study. I’ve had people joke to me asking if I live there, because it’s where I spent most of my time freshman year, and where I like to be productive. You’re bound to see your classmates studying here, since it’s right in the middle of a bunch of different engineering buildings that will soon be home to you. Don’t be surprised if people ask you if you live there, too!



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