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Recently, one of my favorite places to grab a snack on campus has been Dulce. It’s a cute cafe in the University Village, and they’ve got a huge variety of coffees, teas, and pastries. I think their original location is in Little Tokyo, and luckily they’ve opened a spot here on campus, too. My favorites there are the matcha latte (extra hot) and the plain brick toast. I usually try to limit myself to going just once a week, but it’s really difficult to do that. (Luckily, it’s located right across from the gym!)

Some of my other favorite items on the menu are the rotis – which are definitely not the kinds of rotis I’m familiar with. They’re like a soft, bready bun that’s filled with some sort of fruit or custard filling. Perfect for breakfast or a snack with your coffee. I also really like their breakfast burritos, and pretty much all of their teas and lattes. Some other pastries they have are a bunch of different doughnuts (one of which has bacon on it — I’ve never tried it, but would be curious to know what it tastes like)

Not only is it a great place to grabĀ  a quick bite, it’s also a cool place to have meetings and study. They’ve got lots of indoor and outdoor seating, lots of outlets, and a really convenient location. They’re also open late, until 11 pm!

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