Being in Los Angeles definitely gives you some pretty cool opportunities to get to be a part of certain activities that you probably wouldn’t get otherwise. One of the coolest, most “LA” things that I’ve gotten to do in my time at USC is going to movie premieres.

Just a few weeks back, I went to the premiere of the movie Gringo with David Oyelowo, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, and Joel Edgerton. It was actually the second movie premiere I’ve gotten to attend, (thanks to the School of Cinematic Arts!)

You’re probably wondering how I got to go and who gets to go to these events – I got the tickets through one of my friends who is a film major, and she was able to get us tickets through a newsletter that she gets sent via the School of Cinematic Arts with cool opportunities like this. But that totally does not mean that you have to be a film major or ~know someone~ to be able to hear about these events – I have lots of friends in engineering who have minors in the film school and who have taken classes through SCA that also got to go. It was a super easy signup process, we just gave them our names and emails, and we were set!

It was such a cool experience to watch a movie with people who worked on it, and with people that were actually in the movie. I liked getting to see sort of the “other side” of the movies that we always watch – you get to learn and hear about the making of the movie, how long it has been in production, and other pretty cool things. Also, it was a great place to go for some celebrity sightings. It’s definitely one of the cool perks of going to a school in Los Angeles, especially the school with the best film school in the nation!  It was way more low key than I had expected, where the actors were sitting in the audience with us and they spoke to the theater about their experiences working as a cast.

Paris Jackson, Amanda Seyfried, Joel Edgerton, Charlize Theron, and David Oyelowo

When we got to the theater, we got some free movie merch and unlimited cups of sodas and bags of popcorn, which we ate while we watched the red (in this case, green) carpet. There were people videotaping the event, paparazzi taking pictures, Snapchat/social media journalists doing interviews all along carpet, and just a lot of action happening around us.

If you get the chance to attend an event like this, I would definitely recommend it! It’s one of my favorite things I’ve gotten to do here in LA.

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